Maya Bijou – Sucks And Fucks So Damn Good

In Sirens by Zeus

The scene starts off with a message from Maya Bijou to her pornstar co-workers. According to her, you need to take care of the editors or they will “edit the shit out” your (their) scenes.

How do you accomplish such a task? Well it’s simple by her immediate actions. You go into the editing room, grab an editor by the hand and drag him into a room to suck his dick.

Doesn’t that give the editors the message to keep doing worse so they get even more free blowjobs? Well it looks like maybe being an editor for porn is a very worthy career path afterall.

Now that we have the editor in a closed off room, it’s time for her to start sucking his cock off. Once she starts sucking, it looks and sounds so damn good. She knows exactly what she is doing. What a lucky ass editor (fake editor in the script).

Maya Bijou has some of the best blowjob skills in porn today. She made it into my Top 5 Blowjob Artists List – May 2017 Edition. I can’t stress it enough, the sounds she makes while sucking are amazing. Your average everyday man would blow their loads in under a minute with that mouth on them. That’s why I know this isn’t a real editor. This fucking dude has superpowers to keep himself from cumming.

She tells the editor that she better have the top scene on Bangbros. I guess the editor will have to weigh that in once he receives all of the blowjobs from the other pornstars that want to “fix” the editing problems.

As if we were not jealous enough of the editor for getting some killer head, Maya now wants to get fucked. I’m telling you, this dude will fuck up all of your scenes for the rest of your careers. That’s if he is smart, he will. Now he’s getting her pussy on a table.

Look at everyone looking on in the back. Not exactly the most private room you could pick Ms. Bijou. Hopefully the boss doesn’t find out or this will actually be a scene on Bangbros. Oh wait… it is.

Her pussy is nice and small, tight looking too. This dude is having a field day not giving a fuck about anything else in the world. Not even his future endeavors phone message tomorrow morning.

After some nice pussy action for a bit, the editor wants some more head game (don’t blame him at all). She is back to sucking like a boss. This is their way of catching their breaths. She might be catching some nut milk if she keeps this up.

We get some doggy action on a table chair followed by some reverse cowgirl on the table. They can’t settle for one position, so they fucking everywhere like rabbits. This guy will brag to everyone about how cool his job is now.

She sucks on his dick for a tiny bit on the table this time, before his dick is back in her. It’s bouncy time for Maya, keeping the spirit of bunny fucking.

Now he’s plowing her from underneath. She better watch out how her feet are positioned. That glass window might be shattered from a swinging fuck thrust. He is going to town on her.

After smarting up, she gets planted right against the table for some doggy. Now is the time when fucking like Jason Statham in Crank is more appropriate. How hasn’t he exploded yet?

She sucked him again, then right back to doggy, followed by reverse cowgirl again. Holy fuck can they make up their minds.

That last reverse cowgirl did the trick! Or shall I say, that last sequence of positions did the Trix. You know, silly rabbits and all (brutally bad pun, I know).

Anyways, he finishes in her mouth and she swallows everything that lands on her tongue. The last thing she does it suck the tip clean before telling him to fuck off and edit her scenes correctly.

The guy gets out the room with her panties in his hands. He then tells everyone that “we did it”, while holding the panties over his head while there is an applause. Who didn’t expect a plot twist like that? Well, that sucks in Maya case. She will be serving double duty for nothing.

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