Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Review

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The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer was released in January of 2015. Before then, folks had to use other methods to warm up their fleshlights to make the temperature of the experience more realistic. One common method was to the fleshlight sleeve soak in warm water for however long as satisfied. Now, there is an option to warm without getting your sleeve wet. Let’s see if it is worth a buy.

How It Works

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer comes with a USB cable and AC adapter. The device can not be used wirelessly. Once you set it up and plug it in, a green light on will appear through the logo. That means it is properly ready to warm up your fleshlight. No additional buttons or anything, so once you warm up your fleshlight make sure to unplug the device for safety reasons. It is a good thing that the USB cable can be detached from the AC adaper, which will stop the device from running. The stand and the pole can not be detacted from one another.


In terms of discretion, it is very quiet, so noise is not an issue. There is the Fleshlight brand written across one of the stand legs, but it is written in black, which matches the device and makes it hard to see unless you get up closely and look. Viewing it from a distance, you have to judge for yourself if the warmer sticks out too much in your room, if someone were to walk in that you did not want knowing your business.

Using It Properly

Some people might think that once you have the warmer turned on you just put the sleeve right on, which you can do, but it’s not a good idea for a few reasons. This is from my own experience of making this mistake, so let me explain.

Certain sleeves having tight sections within the textures that can slide roughly against the pole of the warmer, potentially scrapping some of the texture off.

First you want to loosen the cap of your fleshlight so that there is the least amount of tightness before putting your fleshlight on the warmer. Then you can lightly lube the pole so that it gives the sleeve less force going down. Once you do that, then tighten the cap to trap air in, so that heat can build up into it.

After the green light turns off, your fleshlight should be ready. It’s up to you whether you want to loosen the cap to have the least amount of force pulling the fleshlight out, in exchange for a few seconds of losing warm air. You might be able to just gently pull the sleeve up, seeing as how the lubing should have made it easier to do by now. Then unplug your warmer. Use something to wipe off any remaining lube off the pole before it dries up.

Is It Worth it?

Following the steps of using it properly and I will say it is absolutely worth it. Despite being given a scare my first experience with it, having concerns with damaging vanished after I started using those steps to make the whole experience gentler on my fleshlights. Totally go out and get one, if you don’t have a problem storing it anywhere. It’s better than any third party warmers out there too.

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