Fleshlight Riley Reid’s Utopia Review

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In early 2016, Fleshlight company ILF launched Riley Reid’s pussy (Utopia) and butt (Euphoria) as part of the Fleshlight Girls series. This review is based on the Utopia, which is a fitting name for the nature of Riley Reid’s lustful pussy. Let’s get into whether this fleshlight is a experience of paradise.

Entry Point

Riley Reid’s molded pussy has to be one of my absolute favorite orifices of all the fleshlights that I own. It looks as close to perfection as a pussy can get. It’s small, cute, and sexy like the pornstar herself. Inserting yourself inside of it makes it look like a tight pussy snuggling with your member. The visuals on this thing do not disappoint.


The beginning of the texture has you going through a handful of small ridges, then throws you off into a choke point that adds a lot to the stimulation. Pass that point, which is around two inches inside, you meet the freckled tiny bumps that are scattered throughout the next six inches of the texture.

For the next inch and a half is mild tightness that has nothing in the way of those tiny bumps. Once you get right before the four itches mark, the second choke point will give you the most prevalent part of the overall sensation. Pushing in and out of that choke point can feel so good when it’s nice wet inside. Make sure you use enough lube while using this sleeve, as this choke point gets harder to push through as it gets more dried inside the sleeve.

Utopia comes in a special edition white case branded for Tushy.com

Past the four inches is a narrowing road with more tiny bumps that go on for nearly four itches. This ends at the eight itches area, so unless you are very gifted down there, most people won’t get past this section. For those who can go beyond the eight inches, there is a small choke point, followed by a series of ridges for the rest of the texture.

The overall sensation on this fleshlight is stimulating and the choke points keep your attention as you stroke through many little bumps as the path gets increasingly tighter. The tightness adds to the intensity, but still manages to be suitable for those who are more sensitive than others down there.

The sleeve can be challenging to edge one out because those choke points push you ever so closer to the feeling of climaxing. Once you do orgasm, which can be intense due to the texture’s nature, it can empty you out. It feels terrific throughout the process of the orgasm.


This fleshlight gets a bit tight, so you will hear wetness while you are in motion of using it, but it’s still rather quiet. Air sounds from the case get louder the tighter the cap is turned, but it doesn’t get too loud either. Overall, noise isn’t an issue unless you need absolute silence.

Clean Up

There are many things scattered in the texture, especially the choke points, so it’s recommeded to clean this with extra care. Rinse it with cold water, gently finger scrub both ends of the sleeve. Then use some Fleshwash, rinse again with cold water, and let it dry out of the case to avoid mold from growing. Use some Renewing Powder after the sleeve is dried, so that you get rid of any stickiness from building up on the orifice.

Air drying will take around 24 hours, but fan methods can speed up the process.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

Fleshlight Utopia does not work out of the box with Fleshlight Launch. Remember when I pointed out that it came in a special edition white case? Well that is the problem here. You will have to put the Utopia sleeve in a compatible case to use it. Then it should work fine!

Using this fleshlight inside of the Launch will be a challenge to last long at all. Those choke points in automation will make you bust while releasing a deep breath.


This fleshlight is for those who want something stimulating with mild intensity and tightness. The choke points stand out in a very pleasuring way. It’s a rather simple design that will allow yourself to feel everything that is going on inside relatively easily. Nothing feels too extreme, but still offers lots of sensations.

Riley Reid fans should not be disappointed with this one. It offers a texture that compliments the beautiful orifice mold of Riley’s pussy. Your imagination can run wild at the sight of watching yourself actually going between her pussy lips. It might drive you to orgasm in the perfect state of mind.

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