Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Review

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In 2015, Fleshlight company ILF launched the Quickshot series, which comes in two textures. There is the Boost and Vantage. These are small in design, which makes it easy to travel and clean.

This review is based on the Vantage that I own. Saint Patrick’s Day 2017 had the limited edition green version, which is only difference to the Clear version is the color. Mine is the green limited edition color Vantage.

Entry Points

The Quickshot series is one of a kind in its entry points. Notice the “s” at the end? That’s right, you can use either orifice to enter these fleshlights. The product comes with two caps for storage on both ends, though they are to be removed while in use. The stroker itself has no pussy, anal, or mouth orifices. It’s straight to the point, stick in and through the other end.


You can use this two ways. One with the hard plastic piece that holds the main mini sleeve, or use can take that hard piece right off. I tried both ways and found without the hard plastic piece to be much better. Those on the above average size fit easier inside and it feels better without it.

The feeling of the sleeve is like the Ice material, which makes it softer than Fleshlight Girls material. The texture itself is hard to explain. It’s like getting a handjob by a sturdy blob of jello.

It feels pretty good, despite no suction. It’s a lot closer to masturbation than like sex or oral. Having said that, it certainly feels better than your hand.

Edging is easy to control the flow and cum at will. Orgasms are a little better than a hand, as the soft texture does give some satisfying sensation to the experience. You will need something to catch your fluids.

I wouldn’t grab this to use over my other fleshlights, but this Quickshot series has a huge benefit when it comes to Clean Up.


This is one of the louder fleshlights out there. It makes squishy wet sounds that can easily be heard nearby. It’s well known that the Ice can produce these problems. If discretion is not an issue when it comes to noise, this might not be a huge issue. Those who want a quiet fleshlight should steer clean of this one.

Clean Up

The biggest strength of the Quickshot series is the clean up. The small texture will get lube and maybe some semen, but it’s easy and fast to deal with in a quick clean up session.

First you will want to put this one under the sink with cold water. Then finger scrub it, use Fleshwash, and put it under the sink again. This can all be done within a minute.

Dry time is a few hours of air drying, if you keep both caps off. The drying process can be sped up with a fan method.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

At the time of this review, the Fleshlight Quickshot series can not be used in any legit way with the Fleshlight Launch.


The main selling points here are the small form factor and easy clean up process. In situations that those matter most, you will get better sessions than you would your hand. The Vantage excels in those categories.

Keep in mind, if noise is just as important, then the noisey sounds will cancel out those other benefits. Priorities depend on whether this product suits you. It’s a worthy replacement for your hand.

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