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In early 2016, Fleshlight company ILF released the stunningly fit Nicole Aniston’s own Fleshlight pussy known as the Fit, as part of the Fleshlight Girls series. The “Fit” has a texture targeted for building stamina in the bed. It’s not to be confused with the Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit), for they are completely different textures and series. The Fit sleeve has the Fleshlight Girls Superskin material, along with a diverse range of texture details, that I will get to in a bit.

Entry Point

Looking at Nicole’s Aniston’s pussy mold, and you can’t help but think it looks “fit” and tight. The entrance looks long, yet thin. Her pussy definitely looks like a teasing treat to fuck. The lips themselves are very close to symmetrical. For my tastes, her pussy is near perfection when it comes to visuals.

Let’s see how she feels inside.


Going inside, no time is wasted into penetrating the two inches of rib cage style of little bumps that grib and feel fairly tight. It gives that fit tight pussy notion an accurate representation. This section is the most pronounced part of the entire texture.

Past that point is very subtle patterns of bumps for the next two inches, that give a gathered sensation with the narrower walls within the section. The tight pussy theme is brought to a more intense feel here.

Then you get to the fourth inch section, which acts as a small chamber of tightness. It’s not that noticable because the entire ride has been fairly tight. It is mainly another diversified section to add to the overall sensation that you are feeling.

Five inches inside, you get to a more roomy area with ramp bumps that are like a subtle massage, especially for the head. It’s a nice change of pace that doesn’t feel alienated from the rest of the texture.

Six and a half inches within, for those that are long enough to get this far, get a very narrow subtle bumpy road. It’s to give the head that extra rapid massage feel that can tease the orgasm out of you.

That’s what the texture has to offer and it’s overall an awesome feeling experience that will train you to last longer. I can edge pretty long with this fleshlight, but you will have to train yourself to resist from cuming in the teasing nature of the delicate bumpy patterns within the texture. The subtle aspects combined with the fluctuation of tightnesses, delivers nice sensations to prolong yourself within sessions.

The rib cage bumps feel very nice as they brush against your shaft, and if you do long strokes, it feels even better on the head. It’s what makes the overall sensation that much better. Everything comes together wonderfully, and in motion it feels mildly intense.

Orgasms are strong with this one. After having enough practice to cum at will, you will feel the build up thoroughly. Once you reach that climax, it takes your breath away. It is very satisfying and makes it feel worth the entire session, especially if you edged for a while to get there.


Besides air from the cap, it’s a rather quiet sleeve. You may hear a little wet rubbing from the tight aspects of stroking in it, but they are still on the quiet side. Noise isn’t much of an issue with this one.

Clean Up

This is a sleeve with a complex texture, so you will need to pay attention while cleaning this. Rinsing it with cold water should do a lot of work, as the bumps are mostly small here. You should still use a finger to rub around them on each end of the sleeve. Then use some Fleshwash, rinse again, and leave it out to dry. Once it’s dried, use some Renewing Powder to restore the smooth feel of the outside.

Air drying should take around a day and a half, but fan methods will speed up the process.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

Nicole Aniston’s Fit Fleshlight works out of the box natively with the Fleshlight Launch. Now you can bring that training to the next level by trying to last the awesome feeling while being stroked in automation.


This Fleshlight delivers on its intentions. It’s great for building stamina and feels relaxingly tightish. The sensations throughout and as a whole are excellent.

It doesn’t feel realistic to a science, but that was never really the point. This is a fleshlight build for exceptional pleasure and it achieves that better than even most other fleshlights out there.

I recommend this fleshlight to just about any guy out there. For stamina or not, this one is worth experiencing.

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