Fleshlight Mini Lotus Review – Realistic Vagina Simulator

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In 2008, Fleshlight company ILF launched the Fleshlight Lotus – Realistic Vagina Simulator and it was met with great success. Not only was it aimed for more realism compared to previous products of Fleshlight before it, but it did manage to actually get the feeling somewhat there. A little over a year later in 2009, they launched the Mini Lotus, which is targetted for those that might have some small issues with the Lotus texture. How do they compare? Check out my Lotus vs Mini Lotus battle after reading this lovely review.

The Fleshlight Girls series has many varieties of orifice molds to choose from, such as Ariel, Carla Cox, Riley Steele, Jessica Drake, Kayden Kross, Misty Stone, Stoya, Teagan Presley, Tori Black, Asa Akira, and Lisa Ann. All of them have the exact same texture with their Mini Lotus. This review is based off the Kayden Kross pussy mold.

Entry Point

My version is the Kayden Kross orifice. Those pussy lips look like dinner in mold form. It’s like someone gave you a rubberish mold of the most attractive looking pizza ever, except you can’t actually eat it, which is a shame. The next best thing is being able to stick your dick between and inside, which you actually can do! Not talking about the pizza in that case, which would be too weird of a fetish. Anyways, her pussy looks great.


Once you enter through the beautiful lips, you will feel a nice tightish squeeze within smooth walls, not too tight, but it does feel sort of like how tight pussy muscles can actually feel. It’s pretty realistic in this regard. Things so far are smooth, gentle, and shapely internally.

Two inches in, you get into the lotus node, which is a resistance point that seems fairly noticeable and gives no fight to get you through it. I describe it as a small speed bump. After that, another itch and a half of smooth shapely waves. Feels great so far, nice and smooth, but maybe too smooth. I would like to have seen small ridges inside of there.

Now we get to the love it or not part of the texture, which is four and a half inches inside. There are five continuous bumps, which I personally think is fantastic feeling. You push through bump after bump, and your dick feels poking through each one in quick succession. The outward strokes are even better in this area. Orgasms can build up to something special here. This is the remainder of the texture, so it’s fairly easy for most people to feel everything this texture has to offer. Nothing is too far out of reach.

Everything in motion is smooth mostly and gets very wet and slippery as a result, feeling more accurate to a pussy. It even gets warmer the longer you go. The first time I came inside of this fleshlight, it made me freeze up in a mental state of ethereal.

Edging can be tricky. You can go for long sessions, but there will be moments where you need to catch yourself and cool down for a few seconds before resuming. I would say it’s still a good sleeve to edge.


Besides little air sounds which are a result of the casing, there is very minimum sounds coming from the texture itself. I do hear very lightly, the sounds of the bumps in the back as you pull out of them. It’s barely noticeable though.

Clean Up

Cleaning is only tricky because of the lotus node and bumps, but the smooth surfaces and areas allow for straight forward steps of rinsing with cold water, gently finger scrubbing each end of the sleeve to get off any remaining semen. Then Fleshwash it, let it dry out of the case, or mold can grow if stored away too soon. After that, Renewing Powder will get off any stickiness that can build up over time.

Drying is on the longer side of things. The lotus node and five bumps can stay wet for a while, but can be sped up with a fan.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

All Fleshlight Mini Lotus sleeves work out of the box on the Fleshlight Launch with the Fleshlight Girls Pearl Case, which your product should already come with it. It doesn’t matter which Fleshight Girl you chose either.


At the end of the day you may be asking, is it realistic and is it worth it. It can feel real while entering it and feeling that nice tightness of the wall and the entire canal makes you think at times that it’s fairly accurate. It just needs ridges and then it might be very close to it. The lotus node and bumps compliment the smooth vibe of the texture. Overall, I would say some might be reminiscing sex by using this fleshlight. Fleshlight Launch and Shower Mount can increase the feeling of accuracy.

Compared to other fleshlights, this one isn’t a exotic structure. This one does to certain extents feel natural. I would say it’s totally worth trying if you want a fleshlight that is aimed for realism. In general, it’s a nice change of pace in anyone’s collection.

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