Fleshlight Lotus vs Mini Lotus – Real Vagina Battle

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Fleshlight Lotus and Fleshlight Mini Lotus are two seperate Fleshlight product lines. They share many similarities, but I will break down which might be better suited for a particular person if they couldn’t get both. A good idea before reading onward is to read my Fleshlight Lotus Review and Fleshlight Mini Lotus Review where I give a lot of details about them when judged seperately.

This comparison will be based on my versions of each product, that only differ in orifice types depending on which pornstar you choose. Mine are Lisa Ann Lotus and Kayden Kross Mini Lotus. The difference between Lotus and Mini Lotus is the texture itself, which we will get to later.


Both Lotus and Mini Lotus come in molded pussy orifices. On the Lotus side we have: Ariel, Katsuni, Riley Steele, Carla Cox, Eufrat Mai, Jessica Drake, Kayden Kross, Misty Stone, Stoya, Teagan Presley, Tori Black, Tanya Tate, Asa Akira, Lisa Ann, and many more.

The Mini Lotus has: Ariel, Carla Cox, Riley Steele, Jessica Drake, Kayden Kross, Misty Stone, Stoya, Teagan Presley, Tori Black, Asa Akira, and Lisa Ann.

Many of the same names appear for both, it’s just a matter of choice. All of them have attractive orifices and look realistic in shape and sizes of their pussy lips. There is no winner here, you are the winner for getting the pussy that ‘fills your needs’ (pun totally intended).

Lotus Texture

Mini Lotus Texture


This is ultimately the main point of comparison and why I decided to write this all out. Both textures have similar things, but the Mini Lotus pushes the lotus node and bumps (while adding a fifth bump), so that people who are not as fortunate in size or didn’t like the inches of stretched shapely smooth spaces it took to reach the lotus node and bumps, could have a compacted design. The sleeve isn’t any smaller, but the texture is slightly changed here and there to allow anyone to feel every part of the Lotus’ texture.

For example, with the Lotus, I can reach half the bumps in the back, but in the Mini Lotus, I can feel a whole other bump, which makes a big difference as I am sliding between them. Granted there are five bumps, but every itch or so that you couldn’t feel in the Lotus texture can now be felt in the Mini Lotus, due to the reduced canal space that makes the lotus node reached sooner.

For my reviews of both, I gave the Mini Lotus 1 point higher overall and it’s thanks to more bumps, but it also feels like tighter pussy. Lotus doesn’t feel loose, but in the middle. The Mini Lotus entrance has a tighter hug in the canal, which added to the realism more.

In motion, using the Mini Lotus with the added tightness, condensed room to get in the interesting areas, and the orgasm it gives me makes for a better feeling fleshlight.

People who are extremely gifted down there might not have any problems reaching areas in the Lotus though. There might be a preference to have everything spaced out more. That is why there are two options and the texure is the deciding factor.


Nearly identical in noise and clean up, though because the Mini Lotus has a fifth bump in the back, it adds a little more time to the cleaning and drying processes. It really is no big difference, so this category is pretty much a tie.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

Again, nearly the same applies to both. They work out of the box with the Fleshlight Launch, and they feel more realistic using it due to the hands-free detachment you have from getting off using the Launch. This one is another tie.


It’s summed up in the feeling category, as everything else is nearly identical. I happen to have both, and you may ask, will I use my Lotus now that I own a Mini Lotus. Maybe not, but if you are above average size like me, then you might need to try both to decide or go purely based on information that I covered. Maybe some might like both, want both, and use both. That totally is an option too.

People with average size or smaller should get the Mini Lotus, it’s just people who are bigger need to contemplate.

In any case, I hope this helps people decide on what they want. The winner is whichever your cock can handle or wants. That’s sums it up pretty nicely.

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