Fleshlight Lotus Review – Realistic Vagina Simulator

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The Fleshlight Lotus came out in September of 2008 and was Fleshlight company ILF’s aim at resembling a vagina texture more accurately. Fleshlight has also come out with a Mini Lotus, which you should read my review here.

Think of the Lotus as a texture (inside design) within a sleeve (Superskin material) that comes with many of the Fleshlight Girls orifices (vagina lips) as options, though seperate products. There are versions of the Lotus for Ariel, Katsuni, Riley Steele, Carla Cox, Eufrat Mai, Jessica Drake, Kayden Kross, Misty Stone, Stoya, Teagan Presley, Tori Black, Tanya Tate, Asa Akira, Lisa Ann, and many more.

This review is based on the Lisa Ann version.

Entry Point

My version is the Lisa Ann orifice, which has a mold of her vagina lips as the entrance into the sleeve. The turn on knowing that your dick can actually be put into a replica of a sexy pornstar’s pussy never gets old (pun for the MILF!). Sliding your dick in has the lips seperate beautifully and that’s the sexy visuals in a nutshell (another pun!).


Entering through the lips you will be hugged between smooth walls that kind of resemble muscles tightening. Around two itches inside, things open up a bit with some more room. This whole area so far is meant to be like the canal, though there isn’t any small ridges like a real vagina, just smooth surface. It still can feel good while in motion on yourself, but some might find it too airy, like brushing through bland space.

Then four inches in, you meet the lotus node which is a small resistance point that feels like a little speed bump. Past that, then we meet into another smooth section up until the six inches area.

These exciting points are the four loop bumps in the Lotus. I can not reach past half of them, but they do feel very good. It feels like they are playing ping pong with your cock. It’s like your dick head pokes through and feels a sense popping and rattling around through them.

Now let me describe how everything works while fucking it. The smoothness allows the lube to become very slippery and friction of the simple design helps create more heat while you are in motion. Like a vagina, this thing will get warmer and slippery, and doesn’t have any unnatural patterns staggered everywhere. In that sense, it hits some realism departments. the bumps are at the back, which might be a problem for some. I find them rewarding to reach, but sadly not everyone can reach them unless you have the size.

The orgasms in this thing feel satisfying thanks to those last sections of the texture. You won’t curl your toes like orgasming inside of the Turbo Thrust, Alien, or Goddess sleeves (which are a few of my favorite fleshights, that you can check my reviews of them here, here, and here), but it’s not a disappointing orgasm unless you were put off from all of the sensations throughout the whole sleeve. The only way to find out is to try it, as the hot wetness this ride puts on can draw you to a particular conclusion. It’s definitely worth giving a shot.

Edging with this sleeve is easy, but occasionally you like feel like there’s something building up, which then you might have to recover for some seconds then resume.

Also, this sleeve is not intense and does not feel like tight vagina (but check out my Mini Lotus review *wink* *wink*), but it doesn’t feel too loose either.


In terms of noise, you do hear the slippery wetness that the friction creates, but it isn’t loud. Maybe some air sounds too from the cap of the fleshlight case. Many background sounds can easily mask these sounds. I just wouldn’t use it right next to someone in bed because it’s not that quiet, but it is pretty quiet.

Clean Up

The Lotus sleeve is mainly smooth, so it’s easier to rinse in cold water, use your finger gently in both ends to finger around any potential remaining semen, and use Fleshwash, rinse again, then let dry before putting it back in the case, or mold can grow if not dried properly. You can use Renewing Powder after drying and before storing it back in the case.

Drying can take quite a while because the four loops and lotus can make it difficult for water to fuck off. Mine usually takes anywhere from a day and a half to two whole days to air dry, but as always, use a fan method to dry it way quicker.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

All Fleshlight Lotus sleeves work out of the box on the Fleshlight Launch with the Fleshlight Girls Pearl Case, which your product should already come with it.


Does it feel like the real the deal though? It does to a degree and hands-free methods such as the Fleshlight Launch or Shower Mount can increase the realism. Sill, I would like to see small ridges in the flat smooth areas.

Having that said, this is still one of the closest to realistic currently available. In terms of ones I tried, it’s definitely more natural feeling than most, but natural or not, your dick just loves feeling greatness and that’s what this fleshlight delivers. This fleshlight is worthy to be tried.

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