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In early 2017, Fleshlight and Kiiroo produced the next generation device of automated mastubators. The device is named the Fleshlight Launch and it retails for around $200 US. It includes a micro USB cable to charge the device and user manuals. No Fleshlight case and/or sleeve is included, unless bundled otherwise. The Launch comes with a one year warranty that you can register on Kiiroo.com/launchwarranty.

Fleshlight Launch box inside of plastic.


The device is around 13” in height and around 5 1/2” in width. It’s black with chrome sides, which are very suiting colors for the space shuttle design. The front of the device has a touch sensitive interactive mode button (I will elaborate) at the top and a power button below it. On the left side is the touch sensitive stroke speed adjustments and the right side is the touch sensitive stroke length adjustments. On the back of the device houses the micro USB slot which is hidden and covered up by a rubber flap.

Front of the box unwrapped.


The Fleshlight Launch advertises itself as being charged out of the box, and it was in my experience. Green light means charged, while red light indicated lower charge. Blinking red light means critically low, which then you should prepare to charge it.

In terms of battery life, the Launch lasts around two hours of usage and requires eight hours to recharge initially, but that time seems to reduce significantly with future recharges (less than two hours). Make sure to recharge it routinely, especially if you like having long edging sessions.

The battery itself is lithium and can NOT be removed.

An odd design choice is that the device doesn’t stand up straight. It is somewhat slated, so you have to hold it or prop it up with something to have it stand up. This can become an issue while charging it.

Having it lay down will cause it to want to roll on unintentional sides. This can be problematic if it wants to fight around with the USB cable.

Left side of the box.

Interactive Mode

Interactive mode is indicated by the blue flashing or solid light. It is powered through blutooth technology. It allows you to use the device paired up with automated strokes synchronized through a multitude of compatible sites. They advertise to go to Feelme.com/launch. The whole setup process requires a smart phone and the Feel Connect app to sync everything up.

Right side of the box.


The Fleshlight Launch is compatible with standard size fleshlights, so you can not use the Fleshlight Go, Quickshot, and Flight variations. Fleshlight clear cases are not compatible with Launch, therefore the Fleshlight Turbo series and Ice does NOT work, unless you take out the sleeves and use them with a compatible case.

The Launch is also compatible with Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl.

The back of the box.

Locking Fleshlight Inside

In order to lock a compatible Fleshlight into the Launch, firstly position it into the center and push it down and through the device. Gently rotate clockwise to lock it in.

Fleshlight Launch inside of plastic.

Learning Curve – Modes

Getting familiar with how to use this device is a learning experience. It can be used two primary ways; manual mode and interactive mode. Holding the power button will turn interactive mode on automatically. In order to put the device into manual mode, you must hold down the interactive mode button, which takes a little while for the blue light to disappear. Once it does disappear, one tap of the power button will turn the device on into manual mode.

I find having to turn off interactive mode every time I want to use it in manual mode to be a little frustrating. It doesn’t help that the touch sensitive blutooth button isn’t always 100% responsive. The power button seems more responsive though.

Also, in order to turn the device completely off, make sure no lights are still on. It’s possible to turn the movements off, but the power will still be on unless you hold the power button down until it’s off.

Left side of the Launch.

Learning Curve – Swipes & Handling

While in manual mode, you control the speeds (left side) and lengths (right side) using touch sensitive swipe motions. Moving your finger outwards will change the pacing, which gives you a range of options for very fast, medium range speeds, or slow strokes. Also, long, medium, or low rapid strokes. While the touch sensitivity isn’t 100% respositive, it works most of the time. Lube from your fingers can cause responsiveness to lower.

The biggest missing feature with manual mode is that you can not have any custom automatically changing patterns. Imagine having it slowly stroke for ten seconds, then medium strokes the next ten seconds, and lastly fast strokes ten seconds before it resets to slow strokes. You can’t set it to do that automatically, therefore you have to manually do every change.

Right side of the Launch.

Here is one big problem people will find using this device. Depending on how you hold it with your hands, you can accidently trigger one of the touch settings to change.

Holding the device on the chrome sections of the sides reduces these mistakes. Still, it might have been a better idea to either have a solid way of holding this device without having these things happen and/or have clickable buttons.

Also, sometimes while in usage, the fleshlight can accidently unlock from the lock mechanism. This will result in having to go through a little hassle of getting it locked in properly again.

NOT Waterproof

Make sure you do not use this device in the shower or use water on it at all, even during clean up. It is not recommended to use any liquid matters, though water based lube doesn’t exactly endanger it, unless you get stuff into the USB slot on the back. I recommend to just play it safe and be careful with all substances that come into contact with the device.

Usage Experiences

Let’s talk about arguably the most important aspect of the device; how does it feel? Well depending on which fleshlight sleeve you are using, it obviously varies. The automation aspect is so fucking relieving. It makes these experiences that much closer to sex and less like masturbating. You only really control swipes in manual mode and the porn arrangements in interactive mode. Besides that, getting stroked without involving the forearm workout is amazing. This device truly is part of the origin leading into realer VR sex.

Speaking of which, the interactive content compatible with VR devices is almost mind blowing and definitely load blowing experiences. I don’t want to turn this review into a speculation piece on how masturbation and virtual sex may unblur the lines within a decade or so, but this device is a window into that future for sure.

While there are issues that can be ressolved through updates with regards to some of these interractive sites and how the device functions with them, there are decent experiences that can be had once it works properly. Unfortunately, there are a multiple problems that can happen between having the device not recognized to having it not synced with the content.

Manual mode experiences are worth it alone. It makes every Fleshlight sleeve feel that much different to using a fleshlight with your hand.


The faster the strokes, the louder it gets. On slow, it fairly quiet. You can hear some of the mechanics moving around, but it’s almost at a humming pitch. However, medium range paces get more aggressive and the sounds match that pitch. Now with fastest pace, make sure you are away from others because this thing starts to sound similar to a inkjet printer. It’s very hard to mask the sounds while at the highest speed.

Lowest Sounds
Medium Sounds
Fast Sounds
Is It Worth it?

In the end, the game changing experiences can outweigh all of the cons the Launch suffers from, in which there are many things to nitpick. I know this review seems to point out a lot of bad, but I do love this device. The technology present is still the best around and will only mature as we move forward. There is no other competition out that can compare to this.

Unless the cost of the device will break your wallet, I highly recommend anybody even mildly interested in using the Launch to buy it, but make sure you have a compatible Fleshlight as well. It’s not the most perfectly build product, but it’s marvelous nonetheless.

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