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In 2015, Fleshlight Company ILF released a new series of their brand called the Fleshlight Go in both Go Surge and Go Torque. These two are 7 inches in total compared to the traditional full sized fleshlights which are right about 10 inches total. The insertible length is 6.5 inches. There are 3 inches in total size difference, made for more discretion. This review is based on the one that I own, which is the Go Surge.

Entry Point

Visionally, this thing looks what’s to be expected, which is smaller all around than the norm of fleshlights. The pussy lips are not molded after any pornstars like in the Fleshlight Girls series. Instead, it appears to have the same lips as the Pink Lady, but shrunk down.

Understandably, it would have been a lot of work to shrink each mold of previous Fleshlight Girls. I have no problems with this, as the appeal for this product is heavily with the form factor of the case and sleeve.


Going into the fleshlight for the first time, you feel a sense of welcoming as your member slides inside. So far, it feels a bit tight and smooth. The little ridges are subtle, yet effective to the smoothness, which makes it feel somewhat realistic.

Towards the middle of the sleeve you do feel a tighter path, which ultimately is the basis of the sleeve’s tightness. Past that point in the texture is more of the same that was before the midpoint.

In terms of the texture itself, it feels great and fitting for the form factor of the fleshlight. The material is a little firmer than the rest of my Fleshlight collection, but it’s still soft and feels acceptably good. It actually feels like tight pussy at times.

The orgasms can be intense. It built up to it pretty quickly because of the tightness, which makes this a difficult fleshlight to ‘edge’ one out.

One strong positive I must point out is that due to the case being smaller, it’s a lot easier to hold for those without giant hands. It especially comes in handy when edging because your hands won’t get crampy like they could from edging with a full size fleshlight. It’s also lighter than full size fleshlights, which helps in this case too.

Go Surge next to a full sized Fleshlight. Alien in particular, which you can read my review here.


Depending on the cap tightness, noise can range from air escaping to the sleeve rubbing against the case. The looser the cap, the louder the air became. The tighter the cap, the more I heard the sleeve rumbling against the case. This is all from personal experience. People with average size or less might not hear any of this, but I will rate based on my experience.

Clean Up

Clean up is a strong point for Go Surge. While cleaning, you will need to clean towards the middle of the texture well because it is more complex than the rest of it. Rinse with cold water, then use Fleshwash. After that, rinse one more time, and then let it dry outside of the case to avoid mold. Once dried, use Renewing Powder to avoid stickiness from building up.

Dry times are pretty quick compared to other fleshlights. Your sleeve will most likely be dried in six hours, but double check by putting a clean dried finger inside to feel if it’s properly dried.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

At the time of this review, the Fleshlight Go Surge can not be used in the Fleshlight Launch in any legit way. It’s too small to be held in place. It is unfortunate for those that want to feel this tight sleeve in automation.


It feels great, it’s more discreet because of its size, cleaning and drying is better than most, and it’s easiler to hold. This is what is expected for this kind of product and it nails it.

People above average size might have to make more adjustments and deal with a bit more noises compared to people average size or under. I am bigger than the insertible length and it’s still fuckable, despite not being able to fit it all inside.

This fleshlight is unique enough to warrant a buy.

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