Fleshlight Eva Lovia’s Sugar Review

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In late 2015, Fleshlight Company ILF released Eva Lovia’s very own pussy (Sugar) and anal (Spice) exclusive Fleshlight molded orifices and textures. They are part of the Fleshlight Girls series. This review is based on the Sugar, which by name makes you think this fleshlight must be addictively sweet, just like Eva’s beauty and charm. Well it is, and we will get into why it is just that.

Entry Point

Eva Lovia’s molded pussy on this fleshlight looks appetizing in multiple ways. The lips are slightly spreaded apart, and they look aroused. There are fewer things greater for a man than seeing a beautifully attractive pussy begging you to ‘play’ with it. This pussy looks just like that, and it’s forever so erotic to please it. Once you are inside of her, the looks of the lips around your dick are visually realistic and a complete turn on.


Once entering the sleeve, the first four inches are the most pronounced areas of the entire texture. These areas are waves of gentle ridges that are both slanted horizontally and vertically. The canal has many small bumps to the walls, adding to stimulation and the mild tightness.

In motion, you will swear that it feels like a full twist effect, like a tornado of ripples stroking your dick. It’s subtle, but gives a massaging pleasurable sensation.

Past the four inches, you will feel columns and rows of small subtle bumps. There is a gentle ridged speed bump dividing the next row of slightly larger columns and rows of subtle bumps. These areas are a nice change of pace, that add a different massaging effect. It teases the head of your dick by giving it a controllable, yet overwhelming feeling that will help to build up to a volcanic orgasm.

After this point, which is around eight inches inside (obviously, most people won’t get this far) is pretty much similar waves as the first two inches, but crammed into just one inch.

That is the texture and its soothing ride. This makes for a near perfect edging sleeve. The whole session can be controlled, but sometimes you will need to slow down a little bit to prevent yourself from going over the point of no return.

The name Sugar fits, as this is a warmingly great feeling fleshlight that can be addictively extensive in sessions. Once you finally do orgasm, it’s powerful enough to send you into nirvana. I have came many times with this fleshlight, and couldn’t believe how mind bending the climax is compared to the build up. Everything feels worth it in the end. Not that the ride is dull or anything, but it’s the calm before the storm.


This is soft sounding sleeve. Nothing within the texture or material causes any louder than normally expected sounds from fleshlights. There are minor little wet rubbing noises from the medium range tightness grip, but it’s still very quiet. Noise is nothing to worry about here.

Clean Up

Despite nothing being largely in the way inside of the texture, there are many areas for semen or water to hide in between. Make sure you rinse it well with cold water and gently rub your finger between the bumps and ridges. Following that, use Fleshwash to kill any bacterial that may try to live in there. Then use cold water to wash that out. After drying it outside of the case (to prevent mold from water), use Renewing Powder to restore the brand new soft and smooth feeling of the orifice.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

Fleshlight Sugar works out of the box with the Fleshlight Launch. This fleshlight feels so confusingly diverge when the Launch goes to work on you. Those who own both of these products can’t miss to boost these magical sensations.


This fleshlight is fantastic for those looking for a moderate, yet lively experience that will controllably build up to a worthy grand finale. The diverse structure of the texture feels different from any of the other fleshlights in my collection.

I wouldn’t call this super realistic, as it’s meant for a one of a kind experience that you couldn’t get anywhere else. That is a very good thing, because like “sugar” it will keep you coming back for more.

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