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In 2010, Fleshlight company ILF launched the first Fleshlight in the Freaks series known as the Alien, based on the Na’vi from the box office hit Avatar. It is based on three Fleshlight texture hits, Vortex, Lotus (which you can check my review here), and STU (Stamina Training Unit). After many years since its launch and other Freaks released, the Alien remains a highly praised Fleshlight. I had to see what all the fuss is about, so I bought the fucker (well I am the “fucker” technically in this case, but you get my drift). Here is my take on it.

Entry Point

The orifice on the Alien is blue with wide thick lips and an interesting form or deform. It doesn’t look sexy per se to me, being a human and all, but that’s to be expected. This is a “Freaks” fleshlight after all; a parody of sorts. You don’t have to have a fetish for Avatar’s Na’Vi or aliens in general to enjoy this fleshlight. Also, some people might actually find this orifice sexy, that’s possible and fine too.


Earlier I explained how this sleeve was three previous textures: Vortex, Lotus, and STU. Let me break down what you feel with it. First section is the Vortex, which is smooth but with a twist (pun!) compared to say, the Mini Lotus (review here) smoothness. You can literally feel your dick getting that twirl feeling with every stroke.

Right past that is the lotus node, which throws you into a whole different sensation from the Vortex. You push through that little speed bump, and then you drive into a rocky road, except it’s a soft bumpy road (I really wanted this analogy to work).

All three sensations combined make your dick totally confused with what the fuck is going on, but in a good way. The word “alien” would totally be a good way to describe it and maybe it’s intended by design.

Usually I can’t use a fleshlight with the cap screwed all the way on because it feels too tight to me. The Alien I have no problem putting it all the way tight, but still prefer a little more breathing room in there. It’s by no means loose, it’s more like the perfect fit. It fits nice and snug without being too loose or too tight. This might be partly due to the fact that the material of the Alien feels softer than the Fleshlight Girls sleeves.

Do not expect human pussy realism though, as this is purely to pleasure yourself in the scientific method of human dick + otherworldly sensations = I don’t give a fuck who’s pussy this is, human or not, I love this! That is this Alien pussy in a nutshell.


I want to find something to complain about at this point (in a ‘balance in the world’ sort of way), but this fleshlight is very quiet. I would probably tie it with the Fleshlight Swallow (my review), which is also one of the most quiet out there.

Clean Up

Here is where the fleshlight will get some criticism from a few people. The lotus node and bumps within the STU portion are trap spots for both sperm and water. On the cleaning side, you will need to clean these areas extra carefully, definitely use Fleshwash, in case of micro sperm remainders.

Once dried, Renewing Powder is optional, but I would personally avoid using it on Fleshlight Alien, Turbo Thrust, and Ice. Mainly to avoid anything that may develop over time with the color/colorless aspect of the sleeves.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

The Fleshlight Alien works out of the box with the Fleshlight Launch, which makes this the perfect fleshlight to fuck you, instead of you fucking it. Honestly, both ways will do wonders to you.


Let me just say that this might be in my top three favorites out of all fleshlight sleeves. It feels absolutely fucking amazing! Whatever I said about not finding the pussy physically attractive, let me tell you, if Na’Vi alien pussy was real and felt this good or better, I would fly to Pandora and get me some of that sweet blue pussy (consensually). It is so damn wonderful.

The reason why this fleshlight won’t get a perfect score is because of the Clean Up is not a perfect happy ending.

Regardless, you owe it to yourself to buy the Alien, as it is a work of pleasuring art.

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