Fleshlight Anikka Albrite’s Goddess Review

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In early 2016, Fleshlight company ILF debuted Anikka Albrite’s very own pussy molded fleshlight known as the Goddess. A name like “Goddess” will catch anybody’s attention. Having it attached to a worldwide fan favorite pornstar in Anikka Albrite, and this thing has a lot to prove. Does it live up to the names it inhabits? Let’s dive deep into this one.

Entry Point

Like many other Fleshlight Girls sleeves, this sleeve is molded after the actual pornstar’s pussy. In this case, it’s none other than Anikka Albrite. It looks very sexy and welcoming. The lips are already a little spreaded apart, just waiting for you to put it inside of her. Once you do put it in, the look of it swallowing up your member is a sight of beauty.

One issue I have with my product, is that a tear on the right lip started to develop after a few uses. Thankfully it hasn’t really been getting any worse after using it quite a few times since then. The lips this fleshlight has are on the large side compared to others I own. That combined with my ‘size’ might put some stress on the stitching of the lips on the mold. That’s my theory, though this could just be a very rare isolated case.


Inserting yourself into the pussy will waste no time into showing you why this fleshlight is called the Goddess. You feel many large bumps expertly placed to engolf your dick and it does so for the first four inches. After those series of bumps, you feel fewer and less clustered bumps. For my size, I felt nothing but the bumps throughout the entire thing, as bumps go on for around eight inches in total.

How does it feel? Well it’s like your dick is inside of a pussy made of mildly intense soft rounded surfaces that you brush between, and feel every roll that you bypass. They are everywhere too, so it’s a overwhelmingly wonderful and unique sensation.

This thing might be what it feels like to have sex with a otherworldly goddess, and therefore the name is well earned. I don’t use the cap completely closed, as I love the feeling of the gentleness the rounded rolls have on yourself when there’s no feeling of resistance getting through the texture.

It feels increasingly better the more closer you get to orgasming. It can be pretty challenging to edge with this one, as you would be fighting off the engolfing effect this thing has on you. I can’t stress it enough, it feels amazing and definitely is something in this world that you wouldn’t feel anything similar to, other than a ingeniusly designed fleshlight.

The orgasms are epicly earth shattering. I feel like time freezes and the universe is telling me to enjoy that cream pie to the goddess. Top tier quality orgasms by far, next to Fleshlight Alien and Turbo Thrust, which you should check out my reviews here and here. Sometimes you can try slowly stroking while orgasming, and you can feel the details of the bumps more vividly while doing it. It’s so fucking superb whether you can or not.


This fleshlight is surprisingly quiet. I can’t hear much other than some of the air escaping from the cap. The sleeve itself is nearly silent. That puts this sleeve on my super quiet list with the Fleshlight Alien and Swallow.

Clean Up

This sleeve can definitely be tricky to clean and dry because of its complex design that has trap spots for semen and water. Make sure to clean this one very carefully using cold water. Use your finger in each end and try to brush around and between the bumps. After that, use some Fleshwash, then rinse again with cold water. Let it dry outside of the case to avoid mold from growing within the sleeve. Lastly, use Renewing Powder to avoid stickiness from building up.

The dry times are not short unless you speed up the process with a fan. Air drying it can take up to two days, but a fan method can reduce the time significantly.

Fleshlight Launch Usage

Fleshlight Goddess works out of the box with the Fleshlight Launch. It makes the wonderful sensations of using this fleshlight come to life in a sense from the automated nature of the Launch. This is one of the best fleshlights to try using with the Launch.


It’s hard to find cons with the fleshlight. It is unfortunate that the right lip tore a little bit on my product, but that is peanuts compared to what this thing has to offer. Depending on if Clean Up is that big of a deal to you is the only downside, though it’s expected to be more work with just about any complexly textured sleeve.

Feeling wise, this has to be put on a list with some of Fleshlight’s very best to date. I wouldn’t call it realistic, unless you count having sex with an actual goddess.

This fleshlight feels truly unique compared to just about everything else out there. It deserves to be owned by any Fleshlight seeker, whether this is your first or not.

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