Chloe Scott in SisLovesMe

In Sirens by Zeus

Part 1 – Shliping Tutorial

Stepsister Chloe Scott starts off sitting down next to her stepbrother, try to weave him into a discussion about masturbation. She supposedly has nobody else to talk to about it (yeah, sure).

The stepbrother tries to avoid the discussion, even though he has a fucking hot ass half naked non-related stepsister. He pulls the “this is weird” line, like damn, he better have a better place to put his load if he’s trying to dodge this one.

After storming off for a little while, Chloe starts to call for her stepbro from another room in the house, telling him to come over. You should expect that after her having that masturbation thought process, this whole call over will have some kind of connection.

He arrives and she is almost completely naked as seen in the image above. Instantly, your mind should be thinking in situations like these “my dick will surrender if she insists”.

The guy continues to push back against her advancements. There is seriously something wrong with this dude.

She confirms the suspicion of her horniness by telling him that she want to fuck. This is like winning the lottery, she skipped the bullshit swiftly.

After the dude stops acting like an idiot for a few minutes, continuing to avoid everything, he finally let’s her get some dick. She wanted to suck it first, in which you can’t ask for better luck.

She sucks it with eye contact and does a damn good job expressing her hunger for it.

As if stepbro’s behavior of being a bitch wasn’t an act, he finally dropped the bullshit too. After getting sucked off for a little, he wants that pussy, and she doesn’t hesitate to give him it.

She gets in doggy and that dick goes in there faster than the speed of light. Her ass is fine, and she gets fucked very good. Decently sexy moans throughout the process too. They never finish because of a jump scare of their mom arriving back home.

Part 2 – Wanting Dick

Mom is finally gone again, if she was even there in the first place. Stepbro is just chilling on the couch (a different day from their last sexual encounter).

Stepsis walks in, instantly starts teasing by reaching for shit while bending over. She says that she wants to watch TV. Apparently, it’s another way of saying Netflix and chill.

She leaps onto him, as seen in the image above. Starts to talk about how she keeps thinking about the other day (that day).

Things start to get heated (in the bad kind of way) as she wants the dick again and he is back to being a little resisting bitch. He tells her to go away and she storms off into the other room.

She comes back in, threatens to blackmail him to their mom. He starts to relax on giving her what she wants, while still being pissed. He then tells her to clean her room first, and she goes off into the other room again.

She calls him over into the room where she is again (the dude better know what to expect by now). He arrives, and she is bent over in doggy like in the image above. She tells him that she cleaned her room and now wants the dick.

He can’t say no, and starts to get aroused by her. Then he proceeds into fingering her pussy for a little, before she gets completely naked.

After sucking her nipples for a few seconds, they get on the bed and the blowjob begins. She sucks it just like before, which consistency is always good if you are doing a great job.

The blow job doesn’t last long before they both want to fuck. She climbs on top and starts riding his dick. Her riding skills are excellent, and knows how to rock on it.

After a little while, she gets in reverse cowgirl like the image above. Luckiest stepbro ever as she fucks that dick with experience and passion.

They are not quite finished yet, as they get into doggy fucking. He pounds her like he owns that pussy. She is loving every second of it too.

This time they actually finish, but he does so inside of her mouth. She swallows it down too without any disgusted faces gulping it down. This dude never needs a girlfriend at this point. Fuck it, marrying your stepsister isn’t realistically a problem. He should consider keeping her.

Part 3 – My Turn

Another day, stepbro walks in the room where Chloe is watching TV on the couch. He takes away the remote, just to be a dickhead.

The dude tells her that she can’t watch TV until she touches him. Yeah, he means his dick, and for some reason it is already out of his pants (I can’t blame him for the last part).

She agrees to “touch him” as long as she gets to borrow the car tonight. He seals the deal and his dick goes inside of her mouth (we knew he meant this kind of touch).

She sucks it while he’s standing first, then they get down on the couch, like the image above. At this point, she has full control over his dick.

After sucking it good for a little while, he tells her to get naked. They stand up and she undresses in a sexy way by having that booty the center piece. He lightly spanks and touches her pussy while she lets him.

They get back on the couch and she climbs on his dick, like the image above. She starts riding it like before, and you can actually hear the wetness of her pussy. It’s extremely hot how she fuck him. She even brings herself into him closer as time goes.

They get into reverse cowgirl again, and she shows how much she enjoys it. Her talent at doing it is superb.

After a couple of minutes, they get into doggy and her ass looks amazing. He fucks her good as she moans with such pleasure.

The dude can’t hold his load for any longer and finishes in her mouth again. She swallows it down to verify her best stepsister ever status.

My Favorite Parts

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